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  1. issa says:

    hi mr melvile

  2. Mr Melville says:

    Hi guys.

    You have been doing really well using the Digismart resource.
    Please blog your favourite activities.
    What did you do your presentation on?
    What did you need to do to find all your information?
    What was your favourite fact about your animal?

  3. Maddi says:

    I like digismart, my best part was when we did a power point about animal. My power point was about Giraffes.

  4. issa says:

    I have been using Microsoft power point to create a presentation about tarantulas .

  5. Shekinah says:

    Thank you and I’v learnt a lot like using pictures and how to read headlines to get information.

  6. Chloe says:

    I did my presentation on Pandas and I found the facts on goggle. I loved getting the pictures but I also learnt how to use links to find my facts.

  7. josh says:

    Hey everybody I am learning using DigiSmart Zone. It’s fun and I enjoy it more than music.

  8. katerina says:

    I love Digismart. I did my power point on giant Pandas and my favourite fact about giant Pandas is that wild giant pandas live up to 20 years.

  9. Levi says:

    Hi guys

    I am doing a presentation on Nile crocodiles on Micro soft and DigiSmart zone as well as google . My activity is the E safety lesson.

  10. moussa says:

    Hi guys

    I am doing a presentation on tarantula on DigiSmart zone and I know that tarantulas have hairy bodies that make them look scary.

  11. Behiye says:

    Hi ,Mr Melville I did my presentation about Horses and I learnt Egyptian Code Names and it was so fun. Thank you for everything !

  12. samira el farjani says:

    Recently iv been going on DigiSmart every Thursday and iv been doing a lot of work but the best part is when I made a Presentation all about my favourite animal which is cats but the most important thing is I have learnt: how to make a new slide, wright and know facts about the animal which is Cats but I incredibly leant a lot more I have leant wow words is well like: horrible , huge and a lot more.
    So thank you for all your help and I hope you are having fun teaching us.

    from Samira

  13. Samira says:

    On digismart I am having a brilliant time and it’s fun doing my presentaton about kittens ain’t kittens cute

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