Here at St Jude & St Paul’s we were lucky enough to have the LGFL (London Grid for Learning) come in to do a video conference at our school with the author Steve Cole.

Year 4 and Year 5 have been reading some of Steve Cole’s books and thinking of some interesting questions that they asked him at the conference!

Click to Watch The Steve Cole Conference
Click here to visit Steve Cole’s website

Year 5 have created their own ‘Astrosaurs‘ games using the program ‘Scratch’.
Below are some of the games created:

 Oscar’s Game
Up arrow to go forward, Down arrow to go backwards, Right arrow to turn ninety degrees
Left arrow to go ninety degrees, Try to get to the fruit without getting caught.

Samuel’s Game
To start click on the dinosaur and it will follow the mouse then click green flag for the robots and the asteroids to move the aim of the game is to eat the food and dodge the obstacles that are in your way. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Niamh’s Game
You will need to use the right arrow to move, and the space bar to change the direction you go in. Your aim is too get to the house however not get caught by any of the robots.
Have fun!!!! Hope you like it!!!!!!

4 Responses to Steve Cole Video Conference

  1. nmelville says:

    Well done guys. I’m sure that Steve Cole will be very impressed by your Astrosaurs games. Good job!

    Mr Melville

  2. nmelville says:

    I have copied Steve’s reply from his own blog for all of you to read. Well done!

    Steve Cole says:
    June 25, 2014 at 11:00 pm
    Guys, I am SOOOO impressed with these games! They are each cool. Niamh, I love the way Teggs says different things when the robots get him (nice tie in to ‘The Robot Raiders’!). I couldn’t seem to die on this one, so that was good! Oscar, I loved steering Teggs through the patrolling Metal Master drones (and am glad he loves fruit). And Samuel – what a challenging game! My dino kept turning into a ghost and driving me crazy! I think you did brilliant work here, and hope other Astro-fans enjoy playing the games. 🙂

  3. unknown says:

    good but i think oscars is good niamh and samuels are very hard to control but they are all fun! well done

  4. Bob Usher - LGfL Content Manager says:

    Dear 5 Children

    Thank you very much for sending me the link to your online games inspired by the writing of Steve Cole.

    I like playing computer games, so this was a fun start to my working day.

    But…….I am hopeless at both Oscar’s and Niamh’s games. I struggled to control the dinosaur and therefore did n’t get any points. IS there anything you could do with your code to help the player become more successful early on when playing the game?

    However, I was much better at Samuel’s game. I managed to score 2,100 points. What is the top score in your class on this game? Am I in the top 3?

    Thank you for taking part in our live video conference with Steve Cole. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did?

    Have you seen the high quality version of the video footage?

    You can see it here:

    Today we are interviewing Lauren Child. Do you know which books she is famous for writing?

    Best wishes,
    Bob Usher

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