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Barber’s Visit  At St Jude & St Paul’s we were lucky enough to have the Barbers come to visit us and see what we have been doing. As part of Raspberry Pi club we presented our project along with a demonstration for the Barbers in our morning assembly.

We have been learning how to capture images using the Raspberry pi and the pi camera. We collected all the images and Alysha put them together for us to create this time lapse video of our morning lesson.

Time Lapse Photography Project

Here is a short clip of our Lego zoo. We had to build all the models and code them using the Lego WeDo software.  Mr Melville challenged us to recreate the same program using scratch 1.4 on the raspberry pi.


Click the picture below to see our Lego robot in action. We used old nxt and WeDo parts and coded the remote controls into the Rpi using scratch.  We can control it from a desktop or laptop by using the wifi network to connect.

Lego Raspberry Pi Robot Project 

Lego Models

7 Responses to Raspberry Pi club

  1. Arzu says:

    Hi Mr m raspberry pi has been so much fun i really hope i can still go in y6

  2. tulls says:

    hi mr.m i was wondering if you could upload the time lapse photography onto here

  3. grace says:

    mr m…
    thanks i have learnt alot in raspi pi thx thx 🙂

  4. rahul says:

    Mr Melville I,ve bean messing about with kodu and I want you to see it (:
    its a rally couarse

  5. short says:

    can i join rasb pi from tyree

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