Year 3’s ┬áScience Museum Trip
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Hi Year 3, looks like you had lots of fun at the Science Museum.

I would love to hear all about it!


21 Responses to Year 3 Science

  1. frankie and nora says:

    We had lots of fun and we learnt a lot.

  2. Enes says:

    It took long to go there but it was so fun.

  3. Enes says:

    My favourite part was lunchpad.

  4. Zulfiqar and Aathiya says:

    we learnt so much and we loved it.

  5. Bea says:

    It was very fun my favourite part was launch pad and I want to go again

  6. christopher says:

    we had so much fun as you can see. I loved when I got covered in beeds

  7. sophie says:

    I liked building the bridge because we all had to work together and sometimes I like teamwork. Mimi had a great idea that once you put a brick in on place hold it till the bridge is complete.

  8. Kyla says:

    I made a pattern on a computer and my friends Leonie, Sophie and Ruth and it was a flower pattern.

  9. Naiem says:

    I had a great time Alysha sorry you didn’t come

  10. azra and mimi says:

    it was very fun building a bridge with so many pieces the force pushed together to make
    the bridge stick together to form another bridge (I could stand on it).

  11. leonie says:

    I liked the Science museum because they have all the things in science I have never done.

  12. khian says:

    Enes what is that experement about was it fun

  13. marley says:

    My favourite part was going to lunchpad.

  14. Zulfiqar and Aathiya says:

    I really wish you were there, you would of enjoyed it.

  15. Thea and Driano says:

    When we went to the science museum we had loads of fun. We went to launch pad and had lots of fun. We did things like recording are taps, that was really good. We also did a thing with sand. My favourite thing was the recording boxes.
    Drianos favourite thing was with the sand. I think it was the best trip ever. We also went to this pattern pod and did lots of interesting things. One of the things was making patterns on this computer, then we went home.

  16. benjamin and ruth says:

    we went to the science museum and we played in the launch pad we had the best time of our lives.

  17. kaleb says:

    We had a really fun time when the little tiny yellow balls flew everywhere even when I went home there were still in my hair and pockets and we learnt who made the internet he was born when world war 1 started. when we were with the yellow tiny balls we had to get as much as we could and let the baby’s play with the toys.

  18. Chris and Berkan says:

    The best bit of the Science museum is when you put the seeds through the hole and you have to put the seed in the bag.

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