Hey guys,


Hope you enjoyed this session.  Please blog and tell me how you think you did in todays lesson.


Did you manage to create a smooth animation?

11 Responses to JIT animate

  1. nmelville says:

    Sorry that some of the pc’s were not working guys. Will get them fixed : )

  2. harrj says:

    this is cool

  3. RONALDO7 says:


  4. ozdea says:

    I made a smooth animation

  5. jayden says:

    I think the ict lesson is great !!!!

  6. Oscar says:

    Today was a really cool lesson thanks Mr Mellville!

  7. hollie says:

    I liked ict this week looking foward to year 5.

  8. aya says:

    Well i didnt get to create a smooth animation but i do think that i did pretty well in this lesson so yeh.

  9. tulls says:

    this ict lesson was great!!!!

  10. elmra says:

    and the awsome part of the day was when we got to make those instruments with the straw(that was totally awsome even my mum thought it was) anyway yeh

  11. Dharen says:

    I’ve been liking my presentation and I hope you like it to, because I have learned a lot about tarantulas.

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