Year 5

Every month we celebrate a new language in year 5 and invite parents to join us on the last Friday of each month. Here is Maria’s mum demonstrating that Maria and Zac are bilingual Urdu/ English speakers. She also brought us some delicious food from Pakistan. During the visit we were honored to have a surprise visit from Maria’s cat!

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6 Responses to Year 5

  1. Mr Hicks says:

    I have just met with Miss Potts who has been telling me about the amazing things Year 5 have achieving… keep up the good work.

  2. Hiwet says:

    It was great…trust me if you would enjoy it. Maria’s mum brought in some lovely food from Pakistan. My favourite was the rice with the bread…mmmmmmmmmmm.
    We had a really fun quiz with Maria VS Zach. Maria beated Zach but I don’t know the score exactly. We must thank Maria’s mum a lot not just little thank you a big won, when you see her. There was a big surprise for Maria and her mum. Her cat sneaked out of the house. Isn’t Romeo (Maria’s cat) cheeky. We got to stroke her a lot.
    By Hiwet

  3. zeynab says:

    Great food Maria!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. zeynab says:

    And massive suprise at school with your cat was really nice to see.

  5. Hiwet says:

    was good….even better Excellent!
    From Hiwet

  6. Hiwet says:

    I hope people do agree because you should.
    From Hiwet

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