Zerda Osku

Digital me

I love technology because I like creating websites and apps.Moreover, I also like using scratch to make new games for everyone so they can play and enjoy.

My computing achievements

In computing I’ve achieved many things to use scratch. In scratch I have been making shapes or even 3D shapes. Moreover, I have been learning about Raspberry pi.I have achieving many things.Also I have been learning to broad cast in scratch. In addition to this, we managed to make our own games in scratch.

My Digital future

In the future I really want to be a doctor.To be a doctor I need technology because if someone comes to me from a different place I can use technology to find out what they did in their medical history.Moreover, I still need to email people for different situations.

Here is what we learned on raspberry pi.

Click here to see my primary school website
Click here to see my poster from world war 2

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