My digital profile at St Jude and St Pauls


Digital me

I love technology because you can watch CBBC and I also love audacity and I love watching the TV because it has lots of my favourite shows like THE NEXT STEP or MILLIE INBETWEEN and Matilda.That is why I like technology.What will happen when there is no technology?

More technology!

I like Purple Mash because you could draw and colour.I also like Scratch because you can code,and kind of draw shapes therefore Its hard work so you need to concentrate.


  • Python
  • Scratch
  • Lego we do
  • Building robot
  • Raspberry pi


I want to be a model and try out different clothes.This involves technology like YouTube and Google.YouTube can help me by looking at videos that involve models and Google for looking at pictures of models and giving me clues.

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