My digital profile at St Judes and St Paul’s

Aya El-Mrabet

Digital Me

    One of the things i love about technology is that you can access information.
    I enjoy using smart phones because I can contact other people with facetime, photos can be sent as well as using apps for various things: maps, games, music and many more.

    My digital profile at St Judes and St Paul’s

    Computing Achievments!

    In class we do a lot of technology here are some of the projects we’ve worked on:

  • scratch- drawing shapes
  • Raspberry Pi- Building Robot
  • minecraft- Snowdonia
  • lego wedo- Making projects
  • Coding in Python- coding to create a dog

    My Digital Future

    When I’m older I want to be a vet.Vets use technology in their everyday life for example: If an animal is injured or unwell, an x-ray machine is used.

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