My digital profile at St Jude and St Paul’s

Oscar Plummer

Digital Me

During my life I have used lots of tech but one of my favourites is the Smartphone because
I love touch screen phones. I also love the smartphone because of the endless you can do
with it let alone it is still a phone! And that means you can still phone and text people.
I love the idea that you can watch movies on the goand my favourite app is crossy road.
I love this game so much becuase it is an addictive game!

My computing achievments

From the past two years I have achieved lots with my teacher (Mr. Melville) including
one of the hardest ones which was the robot! We had to code it using scratch and
built it using but the whole brain of it was raspberry pi. the finish product was amazing
we have done other projects including:

  • A time machine on scrath
  • We have made an electric drum
  • pong game on scratch
  • astrosaus game
  • a witch game
  • and we have done so much more!

This game is called astrosaurs. You have to use the arrow keys to get to the fruit.

a with game were the witches pop out of no where and you need to touch them to get points

This is a video of our robots

This is a time machine from the 1940s to the 1970s

this is a film when people came to our school and to see what we have been doing. Enjoy!

This is an art project which took alot of code! But all you have to do is press the green flag and the pencil will draw the cube for you

My digital future

My job which I would like to do in the future is to be a sound engineer because I love
listining to music ad make it sound better.I will have to use it to edit the music and I
would have to use technology in everything I do becuase working the sound takes tech
,putting up the microphones uses tech and thereis lots more in that job will take tech!

My school

To know more about my school follow this link

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