Digital me

Grace Hyams

Digital Me

The internet is awsome , there are so many things you can explore. Some of my favourite apps websites are:Youtube , Jelly cube , spotify , and of course Google. Technology as a whole is amazing , I like I pad air much better than any other tablet devices ,its light weight and has lots of storage space. Apple products don’nt ushally get ‘Bugs’. All the apps and websites I have listed have so much data and so much to do.

My Computing Achievements

Over the years of computing in school I have improved in: coding , typing faster , de-bugging , and linking. I ave been using: kodu , lego wedo , scratch , makey makey , mineraft , bumble bee , python , logo , html and xray goggles.
I have achived:

  • teleporting in minecraft
  • setting variables in python
  • coding games
  • using xray goggles
  • bumble bee
  • using kodu
  • creating websites using HTML
  • using lego wedo
  • making an air baloon that takes timelapse pictures of our school playground
  • My Digital Future

    In the future i would like to be an olympian and design sportswear for companys like Nike and Adidas.Beleive it or not technology can help me in this.In training for the olympics I can use electronic devices to keep records and apps to help me know my heart rate and goals. In designing sportswear I will need technology to share my work and to get more design inspirations.Nearly every job and prefetion needs technology.

    Here is the geocraft project our class did.

    This is a quiz I made in scratch

    Thanks for reading about Grace Hyams!

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