my digital me profile at st jude and st pauls


Digital me!

I LOVE TECHNOLOGY.I love going on my phone and i like playing on my laptop because i can play what i want and you can play games like this, msp, habbo, weeworld and netflix. I also like playing scratch because i learn things that i’v never learned before.

My achevements!!!

My achevements are learning how to play scratch and also making shapes on scratch.My achevements are also learning how to make music on Audacity and then importing the music onto a music file.I’v also learnt how to make a project using scratchby changing the backrounds while walking dude is walking past the moveing backrounds:)

My Digital future

One day I would like to become s Doctor or an actress or model.When i become one of them i would need to use technology.If i become a doctor i wauld need to use the computar so that i would be able to check on my pathiants.If was to become an actress film makers are going to have to edit my mistakes on the laptop/computar.If i was to become a model i would have to photo shop myself on the laptop so they could put it on the magzine so evey one can see!!!!:)