My digital profile at St Judes and St Pauls

Niamh Sweeney

Digital Me!

I love technology.My favourite one that I have done is Lego Wedo. On my IPhone I love playing a game called ‘Episode’ where they give you the base story but you to decide what way you will go.My Favourite phone is the IPhone because you areable to face-time with friendsand you have awide range of apps and games. At school, we have been doing ‘Raspberry Pi’ and it really helps me because it has taught me that trial and error is really important. When you fail don’t give up because in the end you will succeed.

My Computing Achievements

In school I go to a club called ‘Raspberry Pi Club’ run by our teacher (Mr Melville.) Well to start off we attempted to make an actual moving robot;it was really hard! But after trial and error for 5 weeks or more, we finally managed tomake a real robot! The whole club was ecstatic as we had worked so hard; that is why this is one of my best achievments in the digital world! (: We have also done ‘PiBrella’it is where we coded the it by the app ‘scratch.’ We made the PiBrellas yellow, red and green lights turn on and off. My partner and I finally managed to get a pattern by the colours.

My Digital Future

When I am older I would love to be a vet therefore I would have to use lots of technology like medical machinery. It would have to be like X-Ray screens and ET scans ETC…. THIS IS THE AMAZING DIGITAL ME!!!!!

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