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Nadia Fousseni

Digital Me

I love to do TECNOLADGY like because you can do all sorts of things like playing on your I pad, you con go on your tv ,computer and go an your phone because you con play games like subway surf and on your tv you con watch any thing like pop cartoon network and more.

What I achieved

I achieved all sorts of things like scratch because because I listened and I managed sort things out and I got it right, I managed to achieve raspberry Pie because I had to concentrate and we worked as a team to find were the u shape was on the mountain and I achieved it, I also achieved kodu because it was so much fun and you got to make your one game and back ground and the last thing i enjoyed was audacty because you got to make sound with you instrument and it was fun and I achieved all of it.

My Digital Future

I would like to by a vet ,singer and athlete because. I am god at them and that is what I would like to be when I am older and I love singing so I can type songs on my computer that would be good, I am I like athlete because I like to run and it can keep me fit and you nead tecnoladgy for that and the last thing i like is to be a vet because if a rabbit is sik you need technology to help it be ok

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