digital me

Muhammad Manjlai

digital me

my favourite technology is my tablet,ps3,computer and tv.
on my ps3 my my favourite game is minecraft.
all of my devices are compatable with Wi-fi.

the functions in my devices

on my ps3 you are games and apps like psn,youtube,playstaion plus,skype
and netflix
and also on my tablet there are apps like play store,youtube,internet and more

why I have favourites

on my samsung tablet I can connect it to my tv
and I can use a GPS.
on my ps3 I can use the internet and youtube

my Achivements

  • In class I achived coding scrach,lego wedo,makey makey,audcity and minecraft glaeicers.
  • I achived them by working and trying my best.
    First I didnt know about scrach and found it tricky, now its easier
  • Like giant pandas, red pandas have an extended wrist bone that functions almost like a thumb and greatly aids their grip.
  • They are shy and solitary except when mating.
  • my digital future

when I am older I want to be a politician,the type of technolgy I will need to use is my phone so clients can call me and i can call them and email them.

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