My digital profile at st jude and st pauls

Arzu Ozdemir

Digital me

My favourite technology is lego wedo,I like lego wedo because it keeps me occupied.My favourite website is putlocker because you can whach movies that are in cinema.My favourite type of phone is the iphone because it’s touch screen and you have siri.My favourite types of apps are design,youtube,episode,crossy road,dont touch the spikes and whats app.In school i go to a club called raspberry pi runed by Neill Melville.

My computing achievements

I have made robots out of lego and coded the robot to move around and made a obstacle course for the robot.I have also used lego wedo to create a fast spinner.I have used python to make a dog.I have done pibrella and coded the lights to go on and of the colours on the pibrella are red,yelloe and green.

My digital future

When I am older I would like to be a vet or a female rapper.If I want to be a vet I will need to use weighing machine to weigh animals.To be a rapper i will need social media like being on adverts,instagram,facebook ect…

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