Michael digital me

Michael Abogunrin

Digital Me

My favourite tech is my xbox one and Iphone because it has skype on both of them and the grafics
on the xbox one are better than the xbox 360 because it’s brighter. I can download free games on both
of them and some of the games are really new and I can text people on my xbox one and Iphone.Click here to learn more about the xbox.

My Computing Achievements.

I have made a drum kit on audisity and then madeeach sound go on scratch and when you pressed the up
arrow key it will make a curtain sound and keep pressing other arrow keys and you will be playing the drums
but we descoverd that on scratch it was latents. As a result of being latent we used sound plant 42.

My Digital Future.

I want to be a comic maker when I grow up and I will need to use computing to help me with the pictures and writing.

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