digital me at st jude and st puals

Rahul Haque

Digital Me

I love technology because it is awesome and cool.My favourite thing is coding and creating mental stuff using raspberry pi and scratch. My favourite website is Putlocker because you can watch films for free even if the the film is only in cinema. My favourite app is fifa 15 ultimate team because you get to play football tournaments and matches and you can earn coins and spend it on gold , silver or bronze packs. My favourite coding programs are scratch , python and Raspberry pi.

My computing achievements!

  • Create sounds using a microphone and audacity then plant them into soundplant and create a musical keyboard
  • Finishing all the projects in lego WeDo and creating the london bridge
  • Coding minecraft in raspberry pi and creating glaciers and learning about the U shaped valley in Whales
  • Creating a dont touch the wire game using Pibrella
  • Creating 3D shapes using Scratch
  • Creating the Walking Dude
  • Creating Bumble Bee the robot using lego , baterries , raspberry pi and other technology
  • Pi in the sky project

My Digital Future

I would like to be a computer scientist because I’m really good at it and I want to do it all my life and I am going to need loads of interfaces , softwares and programs.

This is my cuboid generator! press the green flag to create a cuboid

press green flag to generate a triangular prism!

press green flag to generate a triangular base pyramid!

press green flag to answer 4 questions and have a chance to win £1,000,000!

Here’s a video for you to watch!

Lego Raspberry Pi Robot Project

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