Sam’s digital me project

Sam Tully

Digital Me

There are loads of apps,games,devices and programmes that I like but YouTube is my place.There are loads of totally cool games too:Crossy Road and Subway Surfers.Apps are a key thing in life because they teach you loads of things like tips on how to use tech.I also like social media because you can keep in touch with other friends and family.What I really like is that I got introduced to coding through my teacher Mr.Melville who taught me the Raspberry Pi and from then on coding was my thing.

My Copmuting Achievements

I have achieved loads of things in computing:

  • games
  • jokes
  • and finally assignments thatMr.Melville has set for me
  • The programmes that we use are awesome too:scratch,kodu,python and many more.
    but the most appreciated,for my level,was a drawing game I made because I didn’t have to debug anything(which means to fix anything).

    If you want to see my school website click here

    Click here

    When you get to the website scroll down to the bottom where it says blog and click on it then not only will you be able to see my class’ work you can see the whole school’s.

    My Digital Future

    Personally I would like to be a swimmer.I would use social media to make me more famous social media like instagram and facebook.Hopefully people will give me loads of followers and friend requests and will get noticed
    if you want to see some of my work look below.

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