Digital me at St Jude and St Pauls

Valon Aliju

Digital me

My favourite technology is I phone 5 because you can download lots of apps,depending on how many GB you have,and you can chat to your friendsfor free.I like the app Pixle Gun 3D because you can play online with friends, you have diffrent worlds and work in a teamand try to beat other characters, to win prizes like coins and diamands.

My computing achievments

My biggest achievment was when me and my partner made singing birds,which was very tricy because it took quiet long to build the model. The hardest bit was when we had to put the elastic band on the wheels: we had to be very still because it was a very fidily job.The equipment you need is.

  • A motor
  • Elastic band
  • Lego

My Digital future

In the future I would like to be a game designer because in Scratch I have made loads of games like my quiz.

This is St Jude and St Paul’s website were you can see some of my work.

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