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Kenya’h Smith-Roberts

Digital Me

In ICT my favorite apps and project’s are:

  • Audacity
  • star city – because it’s an addictive game
  • youtube
  • high school story – you kind of live the life of a high school student
  • bumble bee (a robot)
  • my phone – You get to socialize and get entertained
  • stop animation
  • show box – you get to watch movies that aren’t even out yet
  • python
  • minecraft – you can hack into it by using python
  • j2e5
  • scratch – you can create project’s you won’t even imagine
  • episode
  • lego wedo- you can create little models and code them to be like the real thing
  • smallworlds
  • MSP- once again socializing and shopping
  • snapchat,
  • skype
  • ovoo – it’s better than skype because you can watch youtube with your friends whilst your video calling them.

Why I like these apps

I like these apps and website, for example audacity because it’s an awesome app because you can create remixes of music or even create your own soundtracks. Youtube is one of the most intresting, internatitonal, stupid and funny apps because it gives you stupid entertainment and music, gaming and more. I love stop animation because you can create a video, that isn’t recording. Smallworlds is a social game and it’s addicting.

A 3D Cube using scratch- Press green flag to see

What I achieved

Over the past 2 years I have achieved a project using scratch called bumble bee which was a lego robot. I have also created a html website which was tricky. Another project we worked on was minecraft. We hacked into minecraft and made it snow.

In the future

In the future I would like to be a designer or a music producer. Tech in designing would help me with my measurements and blending it would help me create things like clothing. For tech to help me in music producing, I would need to use programs like audacity to produce albums.

Time lapse photography


print(“A picture of a dog…”)
print(“0_____ “)
print(” |||| ‘”)

Lego Wedo Models(Press picture)h4>

To see more html websites visit our blog


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