Swabaaha Hamza

Digital Me

I really love tecnology because I watch my favorite TV shows on tele and I like to go on famous peoples wedsites and I play good games on-line.

The coding I liked at school

At school,the tecnology I really liked was playing Minecraft because I was being creative and trying new things on the computer and using makie makie to play my own music.

My computing achievements

What I have achieved so far when using tecnology is making tricky shapes on scratch and doing code on rasberry pi when using Minecraft.

My digital future

What I want to be when I grow up is a fashion designist and how I tecnology will help me is to search the right dress I should desighn and I can use soccial desighn anmedia to give me some advice of which dress I can d make to be my dream dress for someone to wear.

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