My digital profile at St Judes and St Paul’s

Hollie Davis

Digital me

I love technology.My favourite things to do is playing on face book so I can communicate with my family,you tube to listen and watch films,the apps I like to play is cross road,Minion rush,dragon city were you make your own city,piano tiles were you can only touch the black tiles and I like going to school clubs like raspberry pi because we do fun actives like stop and start animations with jelly cam and we did a screaming jelly babies project were every time you squeeze them they scream and cry.

My Computer Achievements

In raspberry pi club we have done Pibrella, Lego Wedo we made hungry crocodile and an aeroplane, In scratch we have done walking dude but there was a little twist we did a time line for our topic from the 1940s and the 1990s and in scratch we have done a pong game where you get 1 point if you hit square
and you have to see how many points you can get until you die,in python I first drew a dog and then I pushed my self and I drew a picture of my friend,we made a stop animation and more.

My digital future

In my future I would like to be a vet and I would need technology to know the diagnosis.I would need to the medicine to give the animal

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