My digital profile at St Jude and St Paul’s

Lily-Bo Wolton

Digital Me

Me, online

Technology is amazing! There are so many cool thngs to do! Some of my favourite things to do online are; watch game-plays/walkthroughs on YouTube, play Minecraft and listen to music(Spotify). These are all interactive apps and let you be in control of what you want to do, which I enjoy.I like building and constructing things, so I really like building robots and coding them in one of our very special after-school clubs.

My Computing Achievements!

Our school (website here)exells in computing.We do many different projects;

  • built robots
  • coded special blocks in minecraft
  • made our own website (this!)
  • bought a massive balloon and took aerial images of our school
  • made music from fruit
  • created a tiny working replica of tower bridge in lego
  • sampled sounds and made our own music
  • made “don’t touch the wire” games with pibrella
  • and many more! This helps me to use my mind and think around problems, not have it all given to you. Lots of these projects cross subjects and so you are learning two (or more) things in one lesson!

Art Project!

use arrow keys to control pointer
space=change background
a=pen up,
f=pen down,
1= green,
b=change pen shade(lighter),
z=change pen shade(darker),
q=pen size smaller,
v=pen size bigger.

This is my quiz. Lets see how many points you can get (out of 9)!

Here is a video (featuring me) about GeoCraft.

This is a mini Lego WeDo zoo made by Raspberry Pi club. Follow the link in the picture!

We made a robot car thing and controlled it wirelessly through the Raspberry Pi.

My Digital Future!

In the future, I would like to be an architect. To do this when/if I am an architect,technology will be crucial to design a building. To do that I would use an online application to re-create and re-design houses. Publicity will be important and adverts will help.Who knows what will happen in the future? There are things we don’t know waiting to be discovered and the future is a mytery. If I don’t make it, I would like to be an astronaut! Now, that would use a lot of tech!

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